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The construction industry is often regarded with suspicion, due to certain stereotypes surrounding builders, bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters perpetuated via TV shows and the odd horror story heard on the grape vine. This means consumers around Reigate and the wider UK are all the more vigilant when it comes to sounding out a contractor, ensuring that whether they’re investing in loft conversions, property extensions or a different home improvement project – they’re going to receive a high standard of workmanship. This is all healthy and ultimately a good thing.


That’s what this article is all about… how to find the right builders for you. There are certain questions to ask, and certain categories that a company or tradesman should excel in if they are going to be deserving of your custom. As a time-tested team of builders, kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters serving Reigate and all surrounding locales, it might seem like we have a conflict of interest! True, but we’re looking to throw our hat in the ring by showing how we do in each category – which we’ve selected for being objectively verifiable. After all, anyone can call themselves the best builders around… we back-up our claims with fact.


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How to Choose the Right Builders, Kitchen Fitters & Bathroom Fitters in Reigate




It goes without saying that reputation should inform your decision of who to choose as your builders, kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters. In this day and age, there are many different reputational aggregators that you can employ for a quick-glance look at how a company is viewed.


For example, we’re a member of one of the most-used online reputation schemes, Which? Trusted Trader. This means we’ve undergone thorough assessments to ensure that we deserve the title, which has become synonymous with “reputable company”, in both Reigate and the UK at large. Whatever industry you’re looking to hire a trade in, the Trusted Trader mark is a great indicator.


Specialism & Experience


Construction is a bit of an odd industry, in that it takes in a massive range of sub-categories. Not all builders are kitchen fitters, not all builders are bathroom fitters; beyond this, some builders won’t carry out certain projects. So let’s say you’re interested in property extensions, it’s essential to find a company that has the experience, track record and expertise required to deliver a top quality finished product. The same goes for if you’re interested in loft conversions.


One of the first things you should be asking is “have you completed many X”, X being the type of project you’re looking for. Then, ask to see examples of finished projects. At C Dingle, we take great pride in the versatility we’ve developed over the past 40 years serving as the premier builders, bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters in Reigate. But we flout the “Jack of all trades, master of none” label by being incredibly proficient at everything we do! Our previous projects page and testimonials can attest to this.




OK, so quality workmanship and a solid work ethic will get you recognised as a trustworthy contractor – but it’s still important to deliver services at the right price. That’s why we offer no obligation quotes… to show off exactly how competitive our prices are. We work closely with clients to ensure that they can get their dream improvement delivered within their set budget.


But competing on price should never come via cutting corners or working with poor quality construction materials. That’s why we recommend twisting the old adage of “too good to be true”, into “too cheap to be good.” On many of the old programs looking at botched construction work, the running theme was consumers choosing unproven, or even disreputable contractors purely because they offered a super cheap price. Yes, you can find a bargain – but don’t let this blind you to the aforementioned factors.


Decided that our team are the best choice for your project? You’ve made a wise choice! If you’re still unsure, check out our previous projects to see examples of those we’ve completed including property extensions and loft conversions. Or alternatively, check out our testimonials to hear about other Reigate property owners’ experience using our builders, kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters.


As the Reigate area’s trusted local builders, kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters, we can deliver anything from loft conversions to property extensions. Call 01737 831 300 today!

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